Kovis d.o.o.

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Address: Slovenia
IPC, Brezina 102
Website: http://www.kovis.si/kovis
Phone: +386 7 499 11 80

About Our Business

KOVIS has been a very successful company in the Slovene and European marketfor many years now. This fact can be confirmed by the number of satisfied clients throughout Europe. The basic activity of our company is producing high quality products for metal industry, specializing in the production of parts for the railway vehicles.

The high quality of KOVIS’s products is a direct consequence of the latest technology, computer guided machines and quality control, as well as know - how and professionalism of all of our staff. Our great pride is also the KOVIS foundry, which is a part of our company and is producing casts from gray cast iron (EN-GJL) and nodular graphite iron (EN-GJS).

Due to our strength and independence, we were able to build a new production hall in the vicinity of the main company, with future expansion possibilities.

Our philosophy is based on the technical ideas, creative development solutions, flexibility and adaptability. Our mission is the satisfaction of our clients. We recognize constant technological development, research and creative development as our permanent challenges and our greatest strengths.

The main activity of our company is the production of high quality products for the metal industry. KOVIS has specialized in the production of parts for the railway industry, i.e. railway vehicles.

The high quality is being achieved through:

* New, modern machines,
* Precise end-product inspections ,
* Technical know-how,
* Professional business appearance.

Business properties of our company:

* Technical Ideas
* Creative solutions,
* Flexibility,
* Satisfaction of our customers.
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Limited Liability Company
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Sole Trader
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Auto & Transportation,
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Producer /Goods, Services, etc/
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Alen Å inko
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+386 7 499 11 81
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+386 7 499 11 98
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ISO9001:1995 ISO9001:2000 ISO14001:2004 DIN EN 15085-2 Certificate DB AG
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